Who are the top ranked players for the Rensselaer Rejects?

The following are the regular season stats.

Goalies (22-23 Regular Season)

1usaChris Hilgenberg63102143717782.71
2canJason Berry64101622913382.10
3usaRobert Morgan61102063916781.07
4usaKate Sgroi62101684412473.81

Forwards (22-23 Regular Season)

1usaBen JacobsRejects Green512820
2usaKyle BreenRejects Green512416
3usaKevin BreenRejects White612315
4usaDel KernRejects Red69514
5usaEric MokarryRejects White69312
6canJay L’EcuyerRejects Green56410
7usaAndrew BergerRejects Red63710
8usaPete SchofieldRejects Red4549
9usaTony Meccia ‘C’Rejects Black6358
10usaDennis Turner ‘C’Rejects Green5358
11usaGrant BarneyRejects Red6808
12usaAlex HerrickRejects Black5325
13usaTeagan KetchumRejects Black5325
14usaNick O’DonnellRejects White5415
15usaDylan NewkirkRejects Red6055
16usaMike GreenwoodRejects Green5145
17usaMike WisemanRejects White5505
18usaBrian DyerRejects Black6314
19usaJamie VeederRejects Red5134
20itaAlex NardoneRejects White6224
21usaZack WilsonRejects Black6224
22usaJohn SteciukRejects Black5123
23usaGriffin FarrellRejects White6123
24usaDavid HulbertRejects Green6303
25canMario LabrecqueRejects Green5213
26usaMatt HakerRejects Red6123
27usaJoe FarestaRejects White5033
28usaMitch WhittakerRejects Red6112
29usaKyle “Franchise” MaharRejects Black5022
30usaBrian MillerRejects White5022
31usaDonald KinneRejects Green4112
32usaJimmy FreundRejects Red6202
33Ahmed KhanRejects Red6202
34usaCJ DeLucaRejects Black4011
35Joe RosiRejects Black6101
36usaSamuel Wells ‘C’Rejects White5101
37usaRich MalcolmRejects White4011
38usaLarry PulvirentRejects White6101
39usaJason KleinRejects White5011
40usaAndrew KennedyRejects Green6011
41canDavid AugerRejects Black5000
42usaKevin BallouRejects Black5000
43usaEric SchantzRejects Red6000
44usaDan SpanbauerRejects Black6000
45usaJessie SeatonRejects Green6000
46usaJared PalermoRejects Green1000

Defense (22-23 Regular Season)

1usaEric MokarryRejects White69312
2usaJ DemarestRejects Red5246
3usaNick Mathison ‘C’Rejects Red4415
4usaKirby ComptonRejects Black6415
5canFelix BeaudoinRejects Green4213
6usaLexi SeatonRejects Green5123
7usaTim VanasdaleRejects White6011

Past Stats