Season’s Greetings Hockey People,

We welcome you all to come out and enjoy a fun night of hockey and laughs. Thursday, December 19th @ HVCC (8:30-10:30pm) will be this year’s Rejects Holiday Skate! For those who have not attended in the past, this is our version of the All-Star game featuring skills events and a 3v3 series to cap it off. If you plan on attending, please reply to this email!!

We will be comprising (4) teams using everyone that will attend that evening. You will partake in the skills and 3v3 games with your team as the night progresses. We welcome all players to wear their favorite hockey jersey etc. as this night is all about holiday cheer.

A breakdown of the events is as follows:

· Relay Race

· Accuracy Shooting

· Hardest Shot

· Breakaway Challenge

Following the completion of the skills events will be (2) rounds of 3v3 Cross-Ice hockey games (each team will play (2) games). Winners from Round 1 will play one-another and vice-versa.

Cost will be $20/player (to cover ice-fees/refs). Noe and I greatly appreciate anyone who is willing and able to assist us that night in running the skills stations to ensure a smoothly running event, please let us know if you’d like to help us out. I will be sending out teams and any additional information in the days prior to the skate.



Thank you all for attending last night’s Holiday Skate and indulging in some light-hearted ice time with the boys. Before the recap of the skills, Noe and I would like to extend our gratitude for the unexpected gifts we received last night, beer truly is a man’s best friend! This was an exceptionally kind as well as generous act on everyone’s behalf and emphasizes how fortunate we are to be insulated by such a variety of great individuals that make up our hockey family.

On to the skills recap!!


Goalies Tony Meccia and Chris Hilgenberg (bless their hearts for facing 46 SHOTS!) really stole the show here. They combined to allow only 13/46 opportunities, so kudos to them. In the end it was a tie between Green and Black who each scored 4 goals! (Cheers to Craig Jenkins for his hand in this!)


Team Black cleaned up in the relay race by recording the best time of (1:13) which was 20 seconds better then 2nd place Team White. Takeaways from the race… saucer passes could use some work and if you didn’t catch Pete Schofield in the sprint you missed out.. DUDE CAN STRAIGHT FLY!


Out of 63 shots taken (Cheers to Keith Johnson for recording all of these!), it was Pete Schofield’s 77MPH shot that recorded highest! I’m happy to report that no one recorded anything under 30MPH so egos remained intact and plenty of guys were able to eclipse 50! and here is your opportunity to write a review for “Hockey Shot’s Radar”…. Which was questionable at times throughout the night.


Well it was only fitting that the back-to-back Sharp Shooter Award Winner and good citizen who brought the targets for the event was the victor… that’s right, Del Kern proves why it is okay to bring (3!) sticks to rink and smashes all (4) targets in 24 seconds!! Honorable mention goes out to J Demarest, Pete Schofield, Kirby Compton, and Kevin Breen for plucking 3/4 targets.

Special thanks to all the good folks who assisted in running stations and keeping stats, your participation and help made for a great experience for everyone in attendance! I hope everyone enjoyed the skate and took home some fond memories of the night. Happy Holidays to everyone and their loved ones!


Date Time Season
December 19, 2019 8:30 pm 2019-2020


Hudson Valley Community College
75 North Dr, Troy, NY 12180, USA