Change Log

This page will be used to keep track of issues/enhancements


  • Adding team calendar events to Google/Outlook/Apple Calendars does not work properly
    • Google Calendar works, but the time assigned in Google does not match the time of the event on the website
    • Outlook Calendar does not work
    • Apple Calendar does not work
    • Will seek out Themeboy support for info
  • The favicon does not show up on every page
    • This may be an issue due to importing a backup of the original site and using a different theme
    • Will seek out Themeboy support for info


  • Set up custom e-mail addresses for team organizers
  • Update team names/rosters
    • After draft
  • Add mugshots to player profiles
    • After draft
  • Update player jersey numbers
    • After draft
  • Update player nationalities
    • Optional